5 Best Crystals for Protection

Best Crystal For Protection

What is Crystals

Crystals are just one of the many tools available to connect us to our bodies, minds and soul – and the earth as well. Although crystals are real, they were created in the Earth’s surface a long time in the past, they’re tangible objects we can integrate into our lives.

They oscillate at various frequency, and can help us rid ourselves of any energy that doesn’t benefit us. They are therefore an incredible tool to protect yourself in your life.

The human race has always been attracted to crystals. You can notice them in engagement rings as well as in other forms of jewelry, and for healing.

Crystals have a variety of characteristics and are able to assist you in different ways. Crystals of protection can protect against negativity and create a an underlying sense of security and tranquil.

What crystals are ideal to protect you? Although certain crystals are believed for their protective qualities but the most effective one for your needs is the one you are drawn to.

The crystal’s energy draws you towards it, and then you’ll have the opportunity to stop and consider what you might need from it.

5 crystals to protect you

Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is an extremely healing crystal as well as a powerful protectant. Its energy can help to ground your body and allow you to feel calm and peaceful. Particularly, black tourmaline can be used to ward off psychic attack (any negative energy emanating from one person towards you) and assists in breaking negative thinking patterns.

Black tourmaline

If you’re experiencing overwhelmed by anxiety and fear, black tourmaline can aid in bringing you back to your core and allow you to regain your confidence. This stone for protection block out all negative thoughts and is a good option to include in your collection.

Color: Black

How to make use of It: Black tourmaline is ideal for meditation, when you think about what you’d like to be protected from. Perhaps it’s negative thoughts and anxiety, or defending yourself from the negative energy. Black tourmaline is a stone that can be worn (or put in a pocket) to create a an encapsulated bubble around you.


You’ll notice plenty of black crystals in this list, and it is a deliberate choice. Obsidian absorbs negative energy similar to how black absorbs all shades. Obsidian is volcanic glass or basically melted lava — helps absorb whatever weighs you down or harmful vibrations emanating from you.

Since it absorbs negative energy it is essential to be cleaned regularly. It could also expose the truth you might be keeping from yourself. This is good, as long you’re willing to acknowledge the reality that’s before you.

Color: Black

How to utilize It: Obsidian should be placed all over the house, particularly in the entranceways. So, if negative energy comes into your space it will not leave the front entrance. Obsidian absorbs the energy and release positive vibrations to shield you from everything surrounding you.


If you’ve been using crystals for some time and are unsure on why amethyst crystals  has been included listed on this list. The stone is renowned for its ability to ease pain in the body as well as digestion and third eye healing and many more. However, amethyst is also an excellent crystal to protect yourself; it assists to bring calm and peaceful energy and protects against overwhelming. Amethyst provides emotional and spiritual security, and helps to maintain your peace.

Color: Purple

What to do with it The amethyst gemstone is a versatile and can be used it in many different ways. Many yoga practitioners keep it in their purses or wear it as necklaces, or wear it in their homes. If you’re looking for additional security, put amethyst on your pillow when you sleep to ensure it will be able to be there for you even when you’re not on working.

Clear Quartz

Quartz crystal  is among the crystals that can be used for practically every aspect. Quartz crystals can absorb the energy of the other crystals it’s close to. Therefore, if, for instance you utilize other crystals for protection crystals, clear quartz can increase its energy and bring an even greater level of protection to your daily life.

qquartz crystal

If used by itself it cleanses energy, which means you can utilize it to get rid of any thing that is not working for you.

Color: White, Clear

What to do with It: Clear quartz is considered to be a purifying stone, and therefore wearing it and keeping it in your purse is essential. However, the most effective way to make use of this crystal is to gently move it up and down front of you and keeping it close to your heart. This helps to protect your energy and eliminates any negative energy from your body.


Pyrite, sometimes referred to “Fool’s Gold” is a stunning crystal that protects your energy. If you’ve visited a crystal store you’ve probably encountered this beautiful gem.

The golden color of the crystal is designed to create prosperity and inspire confidence and, perhaps most importantly, to provide security. Pyrite aids you in releasing negative energy and create positive modifications to your life.

Color: Gold

How to make use of It: Pyrite jewellery or pyrite bracelets  can be put in any location and still exert a positive impact on your daily life. Place it in your pocket or spread it around your home. Clean it regularly with clean quartz and its abounding energy will radiate wherever you travel.

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