Pyrite Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Pyrite Meaning and benefits

Pyrite Meaning

It is not all gold, as Pyrite is a proof of its high-quality colors and powerful protection properties. Pyrite is a term that is derived directly from the Greek word meaning Pyr meaning fire.

It is a reflection of the way light is reflected on the surface of the stone or perhaps as a symbol of the powerful masculine energy and passion for life.

In spite of its famed description, Pyrite is actually an earth stone that is rich in iron sulfide. It was carved from the abyssal regions of Namibia as well as the mystical central regions of Peru and gold-colored mountains in Spain and Mexico as well as the cold distants in Canada.

With a pale brass or a deeper gold hue, Pyrite is a pretty stone that can compete in terms of a sparkling metallic sparkle. To honor Pyrite’s name, it’s among the few healing crystals which can create sparks when struck with enough force and has a similar appearance and feel to Marcasite.

Properties of Pyrite Bracelet

Pyrite has earned the name Fools Gold, thanks to its striking appearance and similarity as the rare metal. However, it is far from being foolish. anyone who keeps Pyrite in the close to their heart will be amazed at how the power of their heart is amplified.

At its core, Pyrite is all about security. It’s a stone which aims to protect and shield its wearer in all ways. It could be protecting you from emotional pitfalls or shielding your body from psychic attacks, breaking down negative vibrations, eliminating pollution, or simply stopping those harmful thought patterns from circulating through your head, Pyrite is ever eager to help you stay pure.

If we can rid ourselves of these negative ties, it is evident that our lives are no longer cloaked in a facade and we can be able to see what is real and living our lives in the sweetness of. If you’re interested in learning what you can about the healing properties and protection properties of Pyrite, continue reading.

If Pyrite does not strike a spark within your soul, you need to find the stone that inspires you.

Pyrite is about keeping you healthy and stable, and free from the burdens of control. It has an intuitive nature that works to keep yourself safe from harm’s way both spiritually as well as emotionally.

It’s also a rock that stimulates creativity and adds an additional spark. It helps to build strength and leadership characteristics, encouraging you to be more confident in your full potential as your energy and wellbeing remain in control.

Physical Healing Properties

  • Increases stamina and strength

  • Aids the body fight off viral infections

In the realm of physically healing it’s a good choice for physical healing. is focused on building your endurance and strength. Keep in mind that it’s an energy-healing stone that draws to its masculine energies.

Due to its love for protecting, Pyrite stone is an incredible stone to reduce pollution from the environment and the negative effects of it on your body. It is believed to be an effective tool for combating viral infections, reducing fevers, and boosting the immune system as well as your respiratory system. Pyrite is believed to boost the quality of life for lung cancer and could be beneficial for people suffering from asthma or other breathing-related ailments. It also helps keep blood flowing properly and may improve the endocrine system and assist in the treatment of fertility issues.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

  • Boosts confidence levels

  • Aids in overcoming fears and anxieties

In terms of emotional strength, this is the place where Pyrite and Pyrite bracelet  is able to ignite the fire of the soul. When we are secure from the outside world, it’s easy to feel secure and secure in one’s personal skin.

As you begin to begin to notice the confidence levels beginning to creep upwards, and you’ll be able to show your natural leadership abilities that you may have tucked in a drawer, and you will effortlessly be able to see beyond the superficial and be a person of authenticity.

Pyrite is said to set the spirit on fire – and in the best way! It revives any drive or passion that has been buried that makes it feel as if you’re ready to take on life again.

If you’ve been caught with depressive thoughts or are suffering from stress, Pyrite is here to help you get rid of the thoughts and anxieties and overcome everything that’s preventing you from moving forward and move forward in living the lifestyle you’ve been created to live.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Removes blockages from The Sacral as well as the Solar Plexus chakra

  • It shields you from negative energy

Positive energy is prevalent throughout this Pyrite stone. It’s all about removing dust and negative energy, making sure that you don’t fall into darkness, however you will feel strong and driven to walk into the bright light.

To aid in gaining your inner strength as well as the world, Pyrite works on strengthening and clearing your solar plexus chakra as well as the sacral chakra.

They are chakras which contain our deep-seated passion and enthusiasm to live and sexuality, and our innate love for imaginative thought and action.

If they are blocked, we may feel that our senses are numb however, when we awaken, you suddenly feel as if we’re flying.

Zodiac Birthstone

  • Very well suited to Leos

In the event of her destiny written by the stars of Pyrite, this sparkling golden stone is renowned as a perfect partner for Leo. Much like the roar of a lion, Leos are known for their fiery temperament and as leaders born.

Their traits of being confident, strong and prepared for action are enhanced by the golden luster of Pyrite. Actually, Pyrite even works to make up for the gaps, allowing tough-minded Leos to be protected even when they’re crossing towards aggressive territory.

The earthy nature of Pyrite balances the fire aspect of the Leo making sure that no matter what heights they jump, they remain steady and steadfast.

If you’re looking to find out what stone is the best to your star sign, have a look at our astrological guide to choosing the best stone for your astrological sign.

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