Perfume and Mood: Do Certain Scent Affect Your Emotional State?

Perfume and Mood: Can Wearing a Certain Scent Affect Your Emotional State?

Perfume is an effective instrument that can trigger emotions and alter moods. What we wear could influence our perception of ourselves as well as how others view us.

However, can wearing a particular fragrance actually alter our emotional state? In this blog we’ll look at the research and theories behind the influence of unisex luxury perfumes and perfect fragrance on mood.

Science Behind Perfume and Mood

Perfumes have the ability to alter our moods due to its interaction with the limbic system of our brain. The limbic organ is accountable for moods, emotions as well as our memories and behavior.

When we are able to smell a fragrance the olfactory receptors inside our nose transmit signals to our limbic system, which triggers the body to respond, which can change our mood.

Studies have proven that certain scents positively impact mood. For instance, lavender, which is known to have the ability to calm or citrus scents , which boosts the energy level and increase productivity. However certain smells, such as tobacco, may affect your mood and cause anxiety.

The Theories Behind Perfume and Mood

Beyond the scientific evidence in the field, there are a variety of theories that explain the effects of perfume in affecting mood. One theory is that scents can create memories and trigger emotions that are related to the memories. For instance, the smell of cinnamon may trigger images of your baking experience with mother which can trigger feelings of comfort and warmth.

One theory states that smell could alter our perception of ourselves, as well as the way we see other people. If we wear a scent which we associate with a particular characteristic of our personality or trait, we could reflect that personality trait and feel more attractive or confident.

QQUOTE : unisex luxury perfumes

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