Perfume and Personality: Matching Fragrances to Your Style

Perfume and Personality

Introduction to Perfume and Personality

Similar to fashion choices perfumes are also an external reflection of your character. The research suggests that the individual’s choices of perfume fashion, style of dressing and the psychological character are closely related, each reflecting on the other.

Although some of you have a particular fashion-conscious personalities, others may also have multiple styles or different combinations to suit various aspects of your life, like working and social.

This is also true for scents also, as you could be drawn to a variety of the various fragrance categories that are associated with each dress style, because you might want to wear a completely different scent for work than you put on for dates!


Simple, refined and well-organized is the style’s mood board. If you’re a lover of elegant fabrics and neutral colors and well-crafted cuts, you’re a classic style character. The timeless and practical are two of the most important qualities that people who are this kind of person keep close.

As a result of that notion, Fresh and Floral scents are the perfect example of classic, quiet elegance and are the perfect scent for the person who is this. They quickly transition from day to night They are subtle and timeless!


The name implies the casual style of dressing is casual and easygoing. If practicality and comfort are what you seek and you are a fan of the relaxed style of life! This is a simple style that is mostly comprised of denim and knitwear.

The best scents for this kind of person will be aromatic and woody scents which are simple and simple. This is a clean natural, simple scent, as people with this type do not enjoy scents that are too strong and prefer soothing and earthy scents.


Bold and loud are the words that describe this type of persona! Are vibrant colors and strong design elements your preferred style? If so, you’ve discovered the dramatic personality of your style! The outfit as well as your persona are the main focus in this video.

In that light, Oriental, Amber and heavy Floral Scent  are the most dramatic! If you’re looking for rich intoxicating and seductive scents take a look at scents with scents of cinnamon, musk cardamom, vanilla, etc.

This kind of personality is crucial when it comes to strong fragrances and a generous application of these scents is a must since it doubles as an announcement for arrival!


This one is a bit different and quirky is the word that comes to mind. The symmetry of the prints, their funky designs and unconventional color combinations are a sign of belonging to this particular style of persona.

The best friend of this personality is vibrant scents that are stimulating, unique and captivating. If exploring unique scents is what you’re looking for then this is the style for you. persona, and spicy, Woody and Floral are your choices!


A rebellious spirit in you? The rebellious fashion style is your way of expressing yourself! The dress codes you are not a fan of and your style is individual and a reflection on your the rage you feel. Metal, rebellious slogans and body-con styles are your style!

From sweet, fun gourmands to striking and bold leather scents The rebellious persona can be incorporated in with a myriad of fragrances.

Notes of tobacco, honey wood, and wood tars are ideal as perfume for males and as perfumes for women as well. But, this type of personality can’t be categorized as they change frequently!

Elegant Chic

The Elegant elegant style of dressing is sophisticated and poised. Perhaps you are a lover of delicate, luxurious fabrics like cashmere and silk, and a sophisticated, understated style with care in dressing and grooming. If so, then you’re a fashionable style!

Mossy, dry, and woody fragrances that contain oakmoss, bergamot, patchouli and labdanum make the perfect fit to this type of personality! If you’re in this category, you want the highest quality, smoothness and a style that reflects your personal style!

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